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A long time car nut whose passion for being on track has evolved into trying to make it safe and accessible for everyone. An Attorney, Army Officer, and Volunteer Firefighter off the track, he is a safety steward and MSF level 2 certified instructor with several organizations on the track. This passion for fire safety has expanded to all types of racing equipment, resulting in the formation of Project Motoring.


Vice President

Dave has always been a car guy. So much so that he started his track career on The Nurburgring, the famed "racetrack" in Germany. Dave has since driven and instructed on tracks around the world, and has the resume and certificates to match! A technical guy with a lifelong career in Audio / Visual equipment, he can be found volunteering his time to the Red Cross as an Amateur radio operator.

Everybody loves Uncle Dave!

Project Motoring

The Company

A veteran owned company born from a passion for fire safety, Project Motoring, sells it’s own line of American designed racing safety equipment and apparel, as well as other well known name brands.  We offer a variety of quality products to include helmets, helmet shields, intercoms, custom tailored racing suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, seat belts, racing seats, and many more items.